You have a right to bear arms... Plastic surgeon shares secrets

Beauty doesn’t stop at the face; it encompasses the whole body, right down to your toes. One of the most overlooked areas of a woman’s body is the arms. You may be able to hide your flabby  arms under layers of clothes in the winter but come summer time, you’re forced to reveal all. A well-toned arm is a part of the body that can be dramatically improved. Dr. Bill Bruno is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon who lends a helping hand to achieve the goal of Michelle Obama-like arms.

What is the biggest aging concern patients complain about in regards to their arms?

Dr. Bruno explains that, “the excess hanging skin and poor arm muscle definition makes many people self-conscious when wearing a tank top or sleeveless blouse, especially in the summer. This is compounded when someone has excess fat also.   Prolonged exposure to the sun over years will thin the skin, create fine wrinkles and add sun spots; even someone who takes great care of their health and diet will have arms that look considerably older than their real age if they develop many of these spots.”

Skin excess and poor arm definition has many causes.  Some of the causes are not preventable- your genetics for example and having baseline thin skin.  Some of the causes are preventable- significant weight shifts (gaining weight and then dieting often) and sun exposure will contribute to older looking arms.

Why do we lose so much elasticity / gain weight in this specific area?

Dr. Bruno explains that, “We lose elasticity as we age in general.  However, if you constantly gain weight and then diet and lose weight, over time you will lose even more collagen and decrease the arm elasticity.” 

What are a few ways to treat this problem area?

Dr. Bruno explains that, “If the concern is sunspots this is best treated with BBL/IPL photofacials that eliminate the pigment very effectively.  If the concern is skin laxity or fat then the treatment depends on the severity. If the issue is excess fat, liposuction works well.  If the problem is fat and mild to moderate skin laxity then liposuction and laser liposuction (Smart Lipo) is perfect.  If someone has severe excess skin (very common in massive weight loss patients) then an arm lift or brachioplasty is the solution.” 

How can we age-proof our arms? Is there an anti-aging routine women should be following?

It is difficult to age-proof your arms but there are a few things that one can do.  Eat a healthy diet, moisturize and hydrate your arms, limit sun exposure and use sun block, exercise and tone your arms regularly, and try to maintain your weight. 

What can we do at home?

 Exercising and toning your arms will not only keep you healthy but will help your arms looking great. Dr. Bruno shares that, “If you are unhappy with your arm appearance or don’t have the time to address them, then wearing fashion forward clothing that sits loosely can camouflage arm laxity.  Wearing tight fitting outfits will only accentuate the skin excess and make you look older.”

Meet Dr. William Bruno
Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. William Bruno is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Beverly Hills, CA.  He earned his medical degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Pennsylvania after completing his premedical studies at Washington University in Saint Louis. After his surgical internship at Stanford University, he attended Saint Louis University Medical Center for general surgery training where he served as chief surgical resident.  At Eastern Virginia Medical Center, he studied the plastic surgery subspecialty of microsurgery. Dr. Bruno completed his formal plastic surgery training at Duke University Medical Center where he practiced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
Dr. Bruno is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Dr. Bruno was awarded first place in the 2001 Scholarship Contest for Clinical Research by the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation.
Dr. Bruno specializes in cosmetic procedures of the body (tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock augmentation, body contouring after massive weight loss), face (eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation) and breast (reductions, augmentations, lifts, gynecomastia).
·         Medical Degree:  Hahnemann University, Pennsylvania
·         Surgical Internship:  Stanford University
·         General Surgery Residency:  Saint Louis University
·         Microsurgery Fellowship:  Eastern Virginia Medical Center
·         Plastic Surgery Fellowship:  Duke University
·         Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery
·         Active Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
·         Active Member, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

Nyakio luxe skincare for your man

Whether he prefers a rugged lumberjack look or a handlebar mustache, all men can use a few subtle grooming pointers. With the help of these two luxe products from RéVive and nyakio—two skincare lines created without synthetic fragrances—your man can target his concern areas and enjoy softer looking skin.

·         Inevitable Wrinkles: A few lines adds character, but for your man who wants to slow down the signs of aging, have him try RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream, ($195)—a unique, lightweight repair cream that works overnight to visibly repair skin and diminish fine lines. The cream is a great starter texture for dudes!
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·         Irritating Razor Burn: Itchy, scratchy razor burn isn’t fun for men and let’s be honest, we don’t like it either! nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish($34) exfoliates the skin and helps prevent rashes and razor burn. This unique fusion of Kenyan coffee extract, jojoba and natural oils will help remove dead skin cells and bring potential ingrown hairs out of hiding.
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Product Detail
RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream
Renewal Collection
Powered by RES and featuring Glycolic Acid, this powerful perfecting night cream gently exfoliates, retextures, renews and moisturizes facial skin.  Its unique formula works overtime as you sleep, to help eradicate imperfections and visibly diminish fine lines, for a morning awakening to fresher, glowing, more beautiful skin. For normal to oily skin.
Kenyan Coffee Face Polish
Kenyan Coffee Collection
Blending naturally energizing and exfoliating Kenyan Coffee with Jojoba, this face polish gently removes dull skin while providing antioxidant benefits. With Lemongrass and Neroli Oils, indigenous to Africa, this unique fusion leaves all skin toned, moisturized, soft and immediately radiant.

City face anti-aging skin care line

Now women can have a youthful glowing complexion with fewer wrinkles, with a supercharged wrinkle fighter in fewer than 60 days.

City Face Skin Remodeler, from CITY Cosmetics, layers cutting-edge skincare technologies to help reduce the volume and surface area of deep facial wrinkles by up to 40% within 60 days. 

With exclusive potent technology, previously available only to dermatologists, City Face combines the best of all anti-aging treatments into one.  Your skin will look reborn and vibrant, and feel remarkably smooth.

It is a non-greasy, ultralight treatment with a potent blend of active peptides that trigger natural collagen production to tighten, lift and smooth wrinkles, while incr4easing firmness and elasticity.  City Face gently and naturally relaxes face muscles, helping to reduce future wrinkles and lines.  Antioxidants boost skin immunity, protect against free radicals, detoxify and increase skin’s radiance, brighten skin and create a youthful, rosy glow.  Celadrin reduces collagen breakdown, and Vitamin C evens skin tone.

Remember, when applying a skincare product, never tug or pull down on skin.  Instead, move upward (against gravity) to protect and preserve skin elasticity.  Use at night for optimal effects.

City Face is naturally formulated, hypoallergenic, and non-acnegenic, delivering all benefits safely without clogging your pores.

All City Cosmetics products are cruelty free and not tested on animals.  Available for $67 at

Got acne? 5 foods to avoid when fighting acne breakouts

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, acne can be triggered by hormone changes in puberty and adults, medicines, make-up, and family history and more. Many acne triggers are difficult to reverse, but a step that everyone can take is a change in your diet. Crystal Wellman, a Master Aesthetician and owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic, lists 5 foods to avoid if you’re acne prone.

“A lot of people don’t realize that it’s what they are eating that is causing their acne,” affirms Crystal Wellman, a Master Aesthetician and owner of the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic. “By changing a few foods that you eat, you can hydrate and improve your skin while avoiding breakouts.”
Here are five foods to avoid when fighting acne:
  1. Salt. Too much salt can dehydrate your skin, leading to swelling and it makes it more difficult for your skin to heal acne. Nuts are a perfect change. They contain Vitamin E, copper, potassium, calcium and iron to improve your health and skin.
  2. Bread and Refined Grains. Bread, refined grains and foods that are high-glycemic spike your blood sugar, causing a burst of hormone insulin, which leads to an increase of breakouts and acne. Brown rice is a great alternative, rich in vitamin B and protein. Vitamin B acts a stress fighter and regulates hormone levels.
  3. Shellfish. Shrimp, crab and lobster are high in iodine, which leads to clogged pores and acne. Instead, try fish, which contains fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 to improve your skin.
  4. Milk. Dairy products, especially skim milk contains bioavailable hormones, stressing your skin and leading to breakouts. Instead, try broccoli contains health building properties like Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K.
  5. Alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your skin, highlighting wrinkles and preventing your skin from healing. Avocados are rich in Vitamin E, reducing skin inflammation and naturally moistures your skin.
“Simple changes in your diet can produce a significant change in your complexion,” affirms Wellman. “It’s a feasible step that anyone and everyone can take to control of your acne.”
Crystal Clear Acne Clinic is a new full-service skin care clinic located at located at 1210 Princess Anne St. Suite A in Fredericksburg, Va. The clinic offers skin care treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including acne, acne rosacea, and aging. The clinic is owned by serial entrepreneur Crystal Wellman, who is a Master Aesthetician and also owns Ladyburg, a handcrafted bath and body store. She is also a certified acne specialist, and is also certified in the areas of oncology, dermaplane, and microdermabrasion.  For more information on the Crystal Clear Acne Clinic visit their website at

About Crystal Clear Acne Clinic

The Crystal Clear Acne Clinic is a new treatment clinic, located at 1210 Princess Anne St. Suite A in Fredericksburg, Va. The clinic is owned by Crystal Wellman, a Master Aesthetician and serial entrepreneur. Those who have skin conditions related to acne, rosacea, and aging, among others, will find unique treatment options available at the clinic. The clinic provides individual treatment plans and takes an integrative approach. For more information, visit the website at

Japonesque color collection brushes

This five brush collection creates a sensational synergy between beauty product and application by combining Japonesque’s finest quality brush line with the bespoke color collection swirls.  FeaturingLip, Eye Shadow Crease, Eye Shadow Fluff, Foundation and Face Brushes, these brushes will be sure to brighten your daily makeup routine.  Made by a hand gel dipping process, no two brush handles are the same!  With a color by numbers concept, each color collection brush matches the appropriate Japonesque cosmetics gel top product.  For example blue brushes correlate with eye products and their blue gel color tops!

Price: $16 - $32
Availability: Ulta &

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