Man Cave gifts for the beer lover

Man Cave: Sapporo Japanese beer is a perfect candidate for any man cave as it is the #1 selling Asian beer in the US market and it's crisp, refreshing taste allows for it to pair well with any of the boys favorite snacks. Not to mention, the Premium and Reserve are available in 22oz cans for extended enjoyment. As the craft beer movement continues to take the world by storm, Sapporo has deeply rooted history in brewing beer and is an exceptional selection for your man cave beer collection.
Attending a holiday party or have a Tequila lover in the family? Give the gift of Partida. This super-premium Tequila makes for a unique host gift and is sure to please the Tequila aficionado in your clan. 

Bonus: pick up a bottle of Partida Anejo along with a decadent box of dark chocolates and pair the two together for a unique gifting experience way beyond an expected wine and chocolate pairing.

Soap and Paper Factor teams up with Tammy Fender

We all know that Green Tea is a great detoxification drink, but it also has great benefits for our skin.  Green Tea stimulates and protects skin from free-radical damage. Soap & Paper Factory and Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare invite you to enrich your skin with this refreshing anti-oxidant.
Soap & Paper Factory Green Tea Shea Butter Hand Cream: Sooth and protect your hands with this pure, velvety hand cream. Leave your hands silk smooth with the pure, crisp detoxifying aroma of Green Tea that is sure to awaken your senses. ($18,

Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic: Steeped with antioxidant-rich Green Tea, this formula purifies and invigorates the complexion, while acting as a natural toner to restore the pH balance of the skin. ($55,
Tammy Fender Essential C Tonic: Steeped with antioxidant-rich Green Tea, this formula purifies and invigorates the complexion, while acting as a natural toner to restore the pH balance of the skin. ($55,

It's time to start dreaming of spring gardening

 Is your mailbox filling up with mail order garden catalogs? Then it must be time to start dreaming of spring gardening.
The beginning of the year is typically when companies that sell garden seeds and plants start mailing their new catalogs. This tradition is so well entrenched that, back in the 1990s, the trade association that represents mail order garden catalogs had January officially declared National Mailorder Gardening Month. (February also brings its share of new catalogs, too!)
In the past 15 years, the internet has changed the way many of us buy seeds, plants and tools for our gardens. For most “mail order” companies, the majority of orders are now placed online on their websites. Very few people actually order through the mail, but all of the products are still mailed (or sent via UPS and FedEx) to the customers.
Even in the 21st century, the most effective way to get shoppers to visit gardening websites to place orders is to send them a catalog filled with colorful photos of luscious vegetables and enticing flowers. That’s why millions upon millions of garden catalogs arrive in mailboxes this time of year.
“Clearly, the first part of the year is not the gardening season in most of the USA, but it is when people start wishing they could spend more time outside in their yards,” said Randy Schultz, a Master Gardener and president of Schultz Communications, a Santa Fe-based marketing company. “Garden catalogs are ‘wish books’ and planning tools, and they give gardeners a sneak peek at what their spring gardens can look like. The start of a new calendar year is when garden lust begins.”
Orders for new varieties of seeds and plants begin flooding into “mail order” gardening companies in January, even though most orders won’t ship for many weeks. “Sometimes the newest varieties of seeds and plants sell out right away, so you need to place your orders now to avoid missing out on the new plants,” said Schultz.
Here’s a quick look at some of the best mail order garden catalogs this spring.
Logee’s—Perhaps the best source for tropical plants. Logee’s is based in Connecticut (not exactly tropical!), but they’ve been selling tropical and fruiting plants via mail order for more than 100 years. Check out their selection of citrus plants that can grow indoors in containers.
Park Seed—This catalog might be best known for vegetable seeds, but it also includes flower seeds, berry plants, fruit trees and more. New for 2015 are the multicolor Parks Beauty Blend Radish seeds, several new varieties of hybrid tomatoes and dozens of more cool new varieties.
Wayside Gardens—Since 1920, this catalog has offered unusual, high-quality plants and accessories for the avid gardener. New plants for 2015 include the stunning tri-color Mariandl Primrose, an elegant white version of bleeding hearts called Love Hearts Dicentra, and Climbing Carolina Aster. 
Harris Seeds—You can find everything from seeds for sprouts to seeds to plant in your vegetable and flower beds from Harris Seeds. Also check out their organic seeds and organic growing supplies.
High Country Gardens—Known for introducing new perennials that thrive in a wide variety of growing conditions including drought, heat and infertile soils. Its 2015 Plant of the Year is Salvia ‘Little Night,’ a tiny version of one of the world’s most popular perennials, Salvia ‘May Night.’
Burpee—This grand American catalog has been around since 1876, and it still delivers great new vegetable and flower varieties every year. This year’s new crop includes Cupcake Hybrid Summer Squash and a new tomato called Jersey Boy that’s a hybrid of a Brandywine and a Rutgers.
Jackson & Perkins—Known primarily for roses, J&P also sells flowering perennials, garden planters and containers, outdoor furniture, bird houses and flowering gifts. Check out the new multicolor Daring Spirit™ Hybrid Tree Rose that’s cool enough to make anyone a rose lover.
So, ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Start your catalogs!

Engagement and Wedding Trends for 2015

As Valentine’s Day is a day that’s synonymous with love and romance, it’s no wonder why many couples are choosing to get engaged and marry on the Hallmark holiday.

According to the U.S. Census, about 2.6 million Americans get married every year, with 10% of all marriage proposals occurring on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the single most popular day for wedding proposals out of the entire year.

In addition to proposals, many couples are also choosing to wed on this day of love. Among those couples are several celebrities, including actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, singer-songwriter Prince and Mayte Garcia, supermodel Adriana Lima and basketball player Marko Jaric, Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington and Jenisa Washington, and actress Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault.

“Because Valentine’s Day is day filled with love, romance, hearts and flowers, more and more couples are choosing to get engaged and wed on this very special day. And this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, how perfect?” said Grace Caiazzo, owner and consultant at Bella Bridal & Heirlooms, an online bridal boutique that provides bridal accessories, wedding decorations and gifts. “It’s the perfect holiday for couples to celebrate their love and join their families together. It surely provides a symbol for their marriage, one that’s embodied by deep love and devotion.”

Caiazzo’s additional thoughts:
  • While common colors associated with Valentine’s Day are red and pink, more and more couples are having a black and white wedding. It’s an elegant color palette and you can add red or pink as color accents.
  • The theme of this day is romance, so fill the room with lots of candles so romance is in the air. 
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a stunning necklace or a beautiful lace applique headpiece.  If lace is not your style then pick a gorgeous headpiece made of metal and crystals. 
  • Remember to give guests a perfect favor to end the night. Choose something that has the word “love” on it or an angel candle holder so that they can have their own romantic nights. 
  • Instead of using table numbers, name each table a different title of romantic movies

Spring/ Summer 2015 Beauty Trends

Spring and summer months couldn’t come soon enough as winter weathers right into 2015. Taking a look back at the Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week shows, we’ve rounded up the biggest trends in hair, makeup, and nails.

Texture is very relevant, but not in an over the top look. Simple styles but either silky sleek or wind blown wisps of hair showing through. Side braids with ruffled texture remained a staple during these seasons’ shows. Middle part, deep side part, or brushed back are your three rules of thumb. If hair has to go up, keep it in a relaxed updo- unless it’s a tight low bun that remained classic these seasons a la Dolce & Gabanna.

Less is more, and even less is even better. Take a cue from Marc Jacobs SS15 show where models were sent down the runway practically make-up free. Vibrant skin with natural tones on eyes and lips will have people believing you really “woke up like this”. If bold color is a must, do like CUTECIRCUIT and smolder eyes with a bright turquoise, but keep lips at a natural color. For bold color, the keyword is balance; pick either the eyes or lips to pop, but not both.

It’s time to down play nail art with simple sweeps of the polish brush to create a more classic design. Want some pizzazz to your manicure? Different color lines do the trick, swipe just one bright color line right below your French or the tip of the nail for an on trend and office appropriate manicure.

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