Bulletproof coffee goes far beyond expectations

Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee powerfully energizes you, keeps your focus rock steady, and delivers crucial nutrient density far beyond expectations. Easy to make, Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee combines three synergistic elements: Upgraded Coffee blended with Upgraded MCT Oil, and unsalted grass-fed butter or ghee. Your result is a frothy mug of morning dynamite.

Just Go Raw for junk free food snacks

Created by a father looking for healthy, delicious snack choices for his family,  Go Raw junk free food snacks are made of best quality ingredients that are simple, healthy, raw and organic.  They are a fantastic alternative to the so-called “healthy snacks” out there that are typically filled with sugar and/or preservatives.  They truly bridge the gap between healthy food and tasty food and are great for busy people on the go. (Kids love them too, making them great for families.) 

Along with being a delicious organic choice, Go Raw packs even more nutritional value because they are sprouted.  Live, sprouted grains and seeds have numerous benefits including greater availability of vitamins (like C), iron and other minerals, increased protein, higher soluble fiber content, to name a few. 

Just a few delicious Go Raw choices include:

  • Sprouted Cookies in flavors like chocolate, lemon, ginger snap, Masala Chai, Carrot Cake and more
  • Sprouted Bars in flavors like raisin, banana bread, pumpkin, spirulina and Real Live Apricot and more
  • Organic Raw Chocolate bars in flavors like Mint, Dark and Orange
  • Coconut Crisps in flavors like chocolat coconut and salt & vinegar
  • Sprouted Flax Snax in flavors like spicy, pizza and sunflower
  • Sprouted Granola 
  • Sprouted Seeds like Pumpkin, Sunflower, spicy seed mix and even Watermelon
  • Salad Snax in Ranch, Thousand Island and Original Vinaigrette

Tabanero hot sauce expands all-natural products

 Tabañero Hot Sauce To Improve Your Taste In Spice With Tabañero Extra Hot & Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy

 Uber popular hot sauce brand, Tabañero, a company that specializes in 100% all-natural gourmet hot sauce products, announces the first expansion into new flavored products.   Known for its gourmet and non-vinegar based hot sauce and Bloody Mary Mix, Tabañero is expanding its product library to include flavors geared towards Chili Heads who crave extra hot as well as hot sauce lovers who are looking for a little sweet with their spice. 
For Chili Heads who love the all-natural flavors of Tabañero Hot Sauce but are looking for some extra heat, Tabañero has created a bolder version of the original product with Tabañero Extra Hot.   Same flavorful ingredients, twice the spice with more Habañero Peppers added to the recipe. 
Taking the hot sauce experience in a new direction, Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy brings a new flavor component to the brand. Featuring a decadent blend of Tabañero spices and agave nectar, Tabañero Agave Sweet & Spicy incorporates a subtlety sweet flavor with a slight chipotle kick. 
"Tabanero began as a passion project of simply creating a delicious and flavorful hot sauce, made with fresh and all natural ingredients," said Tabañero's CEO Jeff Perlman.  "We wanted to stay true to our roots using the highest quality ingredients while creating new flavors that would appeal to a broader audience, whether their looking to turn up the heat or looking to add a little sweetness with a kick," said Tabañero's Danny Vitelli, who took the culinary lead in creating the new flavors.
Considered "Good enough to drink by the bottle" by John Kelly of the Houston Press, Tabañero Hot Sauce got its start in the fertile fields of Mexico's Tabasco region. The gourmet hot sauce is free of vinegar taste and features a unique blend of wholesome ingredients including red habanero peppers, carrots and key lime juice paired with a "secret" ingredient, agave nectar, which balances the heat of the habaneros and adds a hint of sweetness.
About Tabañero Hot Sauce:
Released to the market in early 2011 and described as a passion project by co-founder Kevin Peake, who explains how he and his team sold Tabañero out of the back of their cars for the first year. Tabañero Hot Sauce is firmly rooted in its humble beginnings and is committed to giving back a portion of its proceeds to the Tabasco region of Mexico where their journey began.  Tabañero is a very unique hot sauce made from all-natural ingredients from Tabasco, Mexico, situated on the exotic Yucatán Peninsula. Taking a clue from the Mayans (who occupied the Yucatán Peninsula thousands of years ago and were one of the first civilizations to use peppers to flavor their native cuisine) the Tabañero Hot Sauce team, in 2007, began to utilize the fertile crops of the area to design the first recipe of the future award-winning hot sauce.
Today Tabañero Hot Sauce is available online and is distributed in six states by both Sysco and US FOODS and can be found in restaurants, specialty stores and now      H-E-B Grocery stores, over 30 Pepper Palace locations and most recently in Sprouts Stores across the country.  Products include:  Tabañero Hot Sauce in 5oz, 8oz and one gallon sizes.  Tabañero has also expanded its product line to include a unique and natural (gluten free) Tabañero Bloody Mary Mix sold in a 32oz bottle.  Most recently, the brand has now expanded to include an  Extra Hot and Agave Sweet & Spicy flavors which are both sold in 8oz. bottles. 
For more information on Tabañero Hot Sauce and its other products, please visit:  www.Tabanero.com
Awards include:  US FOOD "2012 Rookie of the Year"

Krigle Sierra Vista 2142

This season’s offering pays homage to the majestic landscape of Arizona with Sierra Vista 2142, a warm and wild fragrance. With its dry and woody base, the scent captures the breathtaking feel of the Huachuca Mountains, blending top notes of Californian Lavandin and Italian Bergamot to represent the feel of the Old West. A heart of French Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, and Cedar Wood pays homage to the unique vegetation of Coronado, while a base of Dry Amber, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Brazilian Tonka Bean has an arid and hearty finish. (Eau de Parfum: 3.4fl.oz.: $330, 1.7fl.oz.: $230)

Krigler America One 31 Eau de parfum

A heritage fragrance created in New York in 1931 by Krigler, the storied perfume house. Created in America and beloved by national icons, Krigler America One 31 Eau de Parfum is the perfect way to pay tribute to the hardworking spirit of the nation. The unisex fragrance was the first scent to be crafted when the Krigler Haute Perfumery opened its doors at New York’s Plaza Hotel in 1931. Since then, it has become a staple of the land of liberty, once worn through the years as a signature scent by influencers from legendary American author Ernest Hemingway to President John F. Kennedy when he was just a young Senator. Full of vibrant contrasts and joyous warmth, Krigler America One 31 captures the distinct essence of this multifaceted country.

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